The press corps at the Maritime Museum.  Later they
got a ride out to the site on the Army LST

Two Cannons after recovery in Mid-October 1997

Loading the cannons for preservation efforts in
the conservatory laboratory at the Maritime
Museum's Gallant Channel facility.
Close up of the Press Corps on board the
"Mechanicsville" to get a better look at the
Blackbeard Recovery Site.
You can see that the site of the Queen Anne's Revenge
is only about 1.5 miles from the coastline at the Beaufort
Inlet.  The press covering the recovery efforts included
Reuters, NY Times, CNN, Discovery Channel, Washington
Post and the major regional newspapers and TV stations.
This is what the press saw that day, and is fairly
typical of each days recovery efforts.  The two small
white boats are dive boats, the larger boat is has a
boom to pull heavy objects off the ocean floor.